SMT double splice tape



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SMT single splice tape

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SMT single splice tape

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SMT single splice tape

Product Images:

SMT single splice tape

SMT single splice tape

 Product Details:

   SMT single splice tape, with high-holding adhesive tape die-cut processing, to ensure that do not take off, for a variety of machines

   Type material with a cover on the connection, with the accessory clamp and copper buckle

   Use better, and another dedicated Siemens single-chip belt.

   Four color tape to choose from, can be traced back to the transfer of responsibility to the people.

SMT single splice tape

  Note: more than 32mm and special materials can be produced according to the requirements of production,

Product advantages:

    1. No auxiliary tools required;

    2. Easy to operate, save labor;

    3. Non - stop refueling, improve work efficiency;

    4. Strong adhesion, safe and reliable;

    5. Completely use the remaining material.

     Shenzhen Kandewei Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 is a professional engaged in research and development, production and sales: SMT single splice tape,SMT special pick-up with a variety of automatic placement models non-stop continued to connect the film, anti-static material, Pickup, SMT dispenser, ordinary type and stapler type feeder, flat and V-type serrated scissors, single-piece copper buckle, with row of copper buckle, picking lead, AI tape, SMT dispensing paper , Anti-static products, metal stamping products, precision die-cutting products well-known domestic manufacturers, the use of high-temperature tape, SMT steel mesh wipes, M-3 clean paper, clean cloth, SMT accessories,

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