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Several reasons why SMT machine is wrong

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Several reasons why SMT machine is wrong

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 SMT machine for several reasons for the wrong material SMT special material withSMT special splice tape

  Current issues:

  1. For employees, each time you change the production of a model, they need to prepare, and then the entire LINE replacement material, in the replacement of materials, the need to check the machine on each station and the material match. When they are on materials, the usual practice is to use visual methods to check. This mode of operation, a great drawback is inefficient, need to arrange more people to complete this work, and prone to error.

  2. For managers, the SMT machine several times a day to change the model, in the production of a model, the operation of staff frequent replacement of materials, managers need to understand the staff to replace the material operation. Whether the staff is refueling is correct, which staff for the material, refueling time is how much and so on.

  3. How to speed up the preparation speed, the use of alternative materials, these are SMT processing industry ubiquitous problems.

How does the system solve:

  SMT loading error prevention system, is designed specifically for the above problems of the system. The system uses bar code technology, integrated bar code acquisition terminal, bar code printer and other hardware equipment, developed a more mature system.

   The system provides the following functions:

   1. employee management

   2. Rights management

   3. Model information management

   4. Model information change traceability

   5. Barcode label printer: employee label, station label, machine equipment label, and so on

   6. Preparation: the use of handheld terminal preparation, simple, fast, accurate, eliminating the need for visual visual work.

   7. Model switch: switch the production model, the import model information to the handheld terminal, "machine - machine - station - material" handheld terminal check.

   8. Material replacement: the use of materials depletion, add new materials, this time also need to use handheld terminal check.

   9. error prevention, foolproof: the use of bar code handheld terminal staff landing, preparation, model switch, material replacement operation and check, if the data is wrong, the system prompts and alarm.

   10. Operation log: employees use bar code scanning terminal for model switching, material replacement of each operation are recorded, regardless of the operation is correct or wrong.

   11. Report: to provide information on the type of information to replace the report, model switch reports, material replacement reports, substitutes for use newspaper.

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