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SMT practitioners are doing technology success quickly or do management success quickly?

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SMT practitioners are doing technology success quickly or do management success quickly?

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   SMT equipment of the localization process

Since 1985, the introduction of SMT production line mass production of color TV tuner, the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry application SMT technology for nearly 30 years. According to incomplete statistics, China's SMT production line of about 50,000, the total number of placement machine more than 10 million units, automatic placement machine market accounts for 40% of the world, becoming the world's largest and most important SMT market.

   Welding, testing and printing equipment has been close to the international advanced level.

   In the production line often encounter technology proud of the "technical talent", as if the quality of production and other departments did not like his SMT important, cattle X meters. Often encounter such a person, will worry about their future, in essence, this part of the people usually in the eyes of managers will be regarded as silly big black, is not conducive to stability and unity, restrictive use, which will be crucified in the relevant Technical post.

   Personal point of view is that technology and management must be complementary, but the domestic SMT industry environment, the management is certainly better than the technology to be successful!

   There is a certain technical basis of the SMT technical talent can be selected according to their own situation whether to turn to management;

   There is no technical basis of the SMT management staff must have a comprehensive basis for SMT technology to understand, so as to make efficient and correct decision-making.

Obsessed with the SMT technical staff, it is best to concentrate on the technical route, suitable for people who want a simple life. However, in the SMT industry, this is likely to be a no return, the prospects are limited. Or take a lifetime multimeter; or once the day by the management because of "technology and excellent is the official" and was promoted to engage in management, or want to start their own business, will face a cup of nothing at all, black eyes, palm out Khan, the team or their own companies have got a mess.

   Want to see more scenery and a comprehensive development concept and desire of SMT practitioners, should do their own as soon as possible to upgrade to the management line. Management is a complex knowledge, very exercise their interpersonal skills, organizational skills, adaptability, decision-making ability and so on ... and so on ... these are whether you are now the work or future development have a lot of help.

   Stand high, you can look far, this is the advantage of doing management; buried maintenance machine transfer machine transfer line programming, will miss too much scenery.

One more than 5 years to do the SMT technology Daniel if you look down on the management staff, that they do not understand anything, then the big cow in this life is also finished.

Of course, the above view is limited to the domestic SMT industry application technology, as the front-end SMT basic development of technical support, it is completely different, to be another matter.

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