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How to control the consumption of SMT materials?

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How to control the consumption of SMT materials?

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  How to control man-made waste of time?

 1, disassembly improper: the equipment operator training, the corresponding form of packaging using the corresponding rack.

 2, with the wrong material, rework waste: every time there are times when the material refurbished material corresponding to the way to a plate, by the special staff to confirm and test the value.

 3, the material to receive and return the number of daily inventory real number.

 4, abnormal equipment and equipment caused by consumption, and sometimes there is no way to find timely, there is no way to avoid in a timely manner.

 5, and sometimes found the operator in pursuit of production, early refueling, did not finish the material to waste, and now there is no way to control.

Improvement measures, nothing more than people / machine / material / law

People: mainly refers to the production line of the operator, usually when they are on the material, off the assembly line, in the end there is no real as every material as "gold", there is no surplus of all received, the machine frequently alarm Timely reflect the project.

Machine: usually whether the implementation of the implementation of regular maintenance and maintenance of the machine, whether the nozzle is often clean detection, rack maintenance is often correct, the program is written correctly.

Material: whether the material is bad, such as incoming packaging is too tight, not to be expected to throw, and incoming damage, replace the loss,

Law: such as the operator to operate the machine proficiency, to distinguish and rational use of the capacity of the rack.

In short, the effective control of the throwing rate, not only from the machine to consider, should be analyzed from all aspects of the reasons, to make countermeasures to improve.

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