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Anti-static products to be how to use the right?

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Anti-static products to be how to use the right?

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SMT on the splice tape, SMT special splice tape, SMT double splice tape, SMT steel mesh wipes and other knowledge, Xiaobian has given you a lot of explanation, then, I came to explain how to use anti-static products is correct.

SMT double splice tape

  Anti-static products to be how to use the right?

 1. The use of anti-static products as a common product. Many companies to anti-static products as a common product use, that the product is not deformed, do not break can continue to use, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Such as anti-static wrist band can only be used for a few months, when used for some time after the appearance may not be damaged, but the test will often find the wrist band has been broken.

 2. Do not use anti-static product testing equipment. The most common mistake is that many companies buy a lot of anti-static products, but did not purchase some commonly used anti-static product testing equipment. We know that each product has a certain period of use, the quality of good or bad points, if there is no commonly used detection equipment, do not know whether the product is damaged, the quality is good. This will not achieve anti-static effect.

 3. Anti-static equipment is not well grounded. Anti-static equipment to connect the terminal should ensure reliable contact, easy assembly and disassembly, allowing the use of a variety of folder-type connectors, such as the fish folder, plug seat and so on.

 4. Wear anti-static shoes do not wear anti-static clothing or wear anti-static clothing only wear anti-static shoes. Anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes must be used, if only one of them simply can not achieve anti-static effect.

 5, the use of anti-static wrist strap method is not correct. Wrist strap because it is easier to damage, so every day to detect, a good wrist strap will be too loose because the workers wear and not conductive, so the best way is to use the wrist strap on-line monitoring monitor at any time. But there are many companies even wristband tester are not, a wrist strap with more than a year to see the broken only do not, this is not anti-static effect.

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