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Günter Lauber was established for ASMPTs new SMT solutions division

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Günter Lauber was established for ASMPTs new SMT solutions division

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Today, Kande xiaobian brings Günter Lauber to ASMPT's new SMT solution department.

SMT double splice tape

     ASM Pacific has successfully completed the acquisition of DEK. The SIPLACE and Print Solutions Division (DEK) form ASMPT's new SMT solutions division. At a media conference on DEK acquisitions, Günter Lauber, chief executive officer of SMT Solutions, introduced the new company structure and introduced his goals for both departments. According to Günter Lauber's introduction, ASMPT "Together # 1" to join hands to create a leading motto, he hopes "to 2016 will DEK and SIPLACE SMT equipment into the field of the leading manufacturers." In order to make DEK and SIPLACE innovative advantages to give full play, Günter Lauber plans to move in two directions: on the one hand, DEK and SIPLACE will continue to develop and provide first-class solutions for customers. On the other hand, the two departments will set up joint projects to jointly develop integrated printing, testing and placement processes. Such process integration is also known as "smart factory" and "industry 4.0". Günter Lauber believes that these initiatives "can provide the greatest potential for the future of electronic production".

    "With the addition of SIPLACE and DEK, ASMPT now has two of the most successful brands in the SMT space, both of which are innovative, superior in quality and first-class solutions," said Günter Lauber, CEO of the new ASMPT business unit. Under the leadership of the SMT Solutions Division, the two teams will combine their technology leadership with our "Together # 1" hand in hand to create a leading motto to write their long history of success. Including our customers and partners, because only we work together, in an efficient and open network in close collaboration, in order to continue to introduce innovative and leading production solutions.

With the addition of DEK, ASMPT has now set up the SMT Solutions division and has become the third largest business unit beyond the post-equipment and leadframe. The company, which is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, hopes to take advantage of this initiative to open up new growth areas in the electronics manufacturing sector. By acquiring SIPLACE and now acquiring DEK in 2011, ASMPT has created a new development, production and distribution of resources and networks in Europe, the Americas and Asia, significantly improving its global reach. As a printing solution division, DEK continues to be led by Michael Brianda, and the SIPLACE will be led by Günter Schindler.

    Process integration brings competitive advantage and significant growth

    "In today's modern automation concept, such as Siemens, the manufacturing process must be able to adapt automatically to the ever-accelerating changes in product design and production operations.DEK and SIPLACE's team hopes to Development projects, more closely than ever before the integration of printing, testing and placement process, and thus achieve this goal.

    According to Günter Lauber, the challenges of the future have been reflected in today's latest generation of ultra-small components. Large scale and efficient handling of 03015 components, from circuit board design to solder paste use, to the placement and return of all the process stages must be perfect coordination. Günter Lauber said the other bright future areas of the SMT solution division include material logistics, automation and scalable platforms. Through the efforts in these areas, SMT Solutions will be able to help customers significantly improve the competitiveness of production plants. "This road clearly leads to intelligent factories and intelligent, highly flexible industrial 4.0 concepts, and our solutions will be able to drive these concepts and continue to shape them."

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