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How to use paper mesh to clean paper properly

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How to use paper mesh to clean paper properly

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SMT steel mesh wipes


How to use paper mesh to clean paper properly

One, clean paper can be soaked in solvent wipe, can also be wiped directly;

Second, wipe clean paper edge edge must be wrapped in the inside, can not use the edge of dust-free paper and wiper surface contact;

    Three, use and need to bring clean gloves and masks;

   Fourth, clean paper for you to explain the use of high-end cleaning paper must be in a clean environment to open the bag, and in front of the packaging clean (especially the opening).

    Five, with clean paper stick flat, do not rub, wipe the move, try to wipe the cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly to ensure that in the same direction to wipe, can not wipe back and forth repeatedly

    6, the use of high-end clean paper must be open in a clean environment, the internal packaging bags, and unpacking before packaging, packaging bags should be clean, especially the openings must be kept clean and clean clean cloth.

   SMT steel mesh wipes

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