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How to choose a good industrial clean paper?

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How to choose a good industrial clean paper?

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    Many people know that the cleanliness of the industry is essential in the production and processing of the product, and with the product quality and stability has a very large contact.Therefore, industrial machinery and equipment on the product / tools on the oil or Water and other liquid wipes are essential. Industrial wipes are widely used in printing, electronics, motors, molds, pharmaceuticals, aviation, laboratories, laboratories, clean rooms and other fields. Effective and timely cleaning is to ensure normal Work orderly progress of one of the necessary steps.But in the choice of industrial wipes paper how to determine the use of clean paper or so? The following by the professional manufacturers of clean paper industry ( effective teach you three moves. A move: efficient oil absorption

There are many places where industrial wipes are used in industrial areas. Wiping paper needs to wipe the mechanical equipment or other oily or water stains in the actual working environment. Therefore, it is necessary for industrial wipes to have super strong liquid- Its liquid absorption capacity than ordinary plains faster than 3-4 times can be called high-quality clean paper.

   The second move can be used with the cleaning solution.

    In the usual industrial production, machinery and equipment sometimes difficult to clean the chemical solvent, which requires the use of clean cleaning equipment and chemical solvents have a good fusion. Only in this way can be completely clean. Wipe the paper, apply to most of the solution, but in order to safety production, effective in the selection of high-quality industrial cleaning paper, do not ignore the first look at the paper and solution solution, if the parameters closer, It is most likely to be dissolved by solution, so be sure to pay attention when using the solution.

   The third move in the use of the process is not dust without cash.

   Industrial cleaning paper in the clean room or the production of real room used for cleaning requirements is very high, especially the phone screen glass, instrumentation and other products are very careful when cleaning, if you leave dust or wool and other impurities, Not only affect the appearance, but also the quality of the product is also affected by the use of clean dust clean paper, wipe after no dust, suitable for high quality standards and high demand for clean products.

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