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SMT steel mesh wipes with eight process features

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SMT steel mesh wipes with eight process features

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SMT steel mesh wipes


  Today, Xiaobian to explain to you under the SMT steel mesh wipe the relevant knowledge of paper, then SMT steel mesh wipes and what is the characteristics of what?

   SMT steel mesh wiping paper is the raw material of wood pulp fiber, using the air into the network technology produced. Its production process is mainly into the network and reinforcement of these two processes, there are chemical bonding and thermal bonding of these two production methods.

  SMT steel mesh wipes paper has the following characteristics:

 1, with excellent dust removal effect, with a strong anti-static function;

 2, have a high degree of water absorption;

 3, relatively soft, will not damage the surface of the object;

 4, can provide adequate dry and wet strength;

 5, the release of ions is very low;

 6, is not easy to cause chemical reactions;

 7, SMT steel mesh wiping the edge of the paper is the most advanced trimming machine edge, wiping will not leave particles and thread, decontamination ability is very strong;

 8, optional edge: ultrasound and cold cut.

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