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What is SMT steel mesh industry wipes paper?

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What is SMT steel mesh industry wipes paper?

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SMT steel mesh wipes

 SMT steel mesh industrial wipes (SMT steel mesh wipes)

 For automatic presses Wipe steel mesh paper:

 Industrial SMT stencil cleaning paper using natural wood pulp and polyester fiber as raw material, the unique spun processing from the formation of a unique wood pulp / polyester double structure, tough and durable, with a high efficiency of oil absorption, soft , Not dust, anti-static performance.

 1. For the electronics factory to remove the printing press stencil, the circuit board excess solder paste and red plastic, to keep the circuit board spotless, thus greatly reducing the rejection rate, greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. In order to improve the efficiency of customers, save money, effective control of the amount, our company according to the actual use of customers, selected product width and length.

 2, natural wood pulp and polyester face organic combination, super clean capacity and water absorption, liquid absorption;

 3, superior tensile strength, flexibility and good performance;

 4, can be used with a variety of cleaning solutions.

 5, my company has a clean workshop to produce SMT steel mesh wipes, to avoid impurities into the roll paper to reduce the production process due to steel mesh wiping in the possession of impurities and lead to the production of printing defects;

 6, anti-static packaging, with the electronic products strict anti-static requirements; the use of raw materials are: Nuobang, Meisen, country Zhen plain paper, mesh paper, etc., for all models with automatic wipe SMT printing process;

 7, can be used for MPM, DEK, KME, YAMAHA, MINAMI, JUKI, EKRA, PANASERT, FUJI, SANYO and all all printing models.

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