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SMT steel mesh wiping paper performance

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SMT steel mesh wiping paper performance

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  Look at the future of the electronic assembly industry to our request:

  100% once pass rate

  6 Sigma quality management system

  Equipment self-calibration system

  Intelligent operating system to minimize the reliance on production

  Consistency, repeatability, reliability and traceability

  So the requirements for future selection of welding equipment will be:

  Product quality is higher

  Lower operating costs

  The equipment is more flexible

  Equipment production is higher

  Different industries on the choice of welding equipment requirements have shown a diversified trend, so for different industries to develop different choice of welding equipment is the future development trend. "Well, but more appropriate", we will see the industry and equipment segmentation, which is the development of the welding industry is an important symbol.

SMT steel mesh wipes

  SMT steel mesh wiping paper performance

 * Tough and durable, with a high efficiency of water absorption, soft, dust, anti-static performance.

 * Material is soft, the surface of the cleaning material does not produce any scratches, does not damage the surface of the object.

 * Can be used with cleaning solution.

 * Super liquid absorption capacity, more than four times faster than ordinary cotton wipes.

 * Efficient removal of water stains, oil resistance, no use of any chemical adhesive.

 * Due to the production in the clean room, to avoid wiping the paper into the impurities, can reduce the printing process

 * The printing defects are caused by wiping the entrainment of the stencil.

 * Can be used with anti-static packaging to meet the stringent anti-static requirements for electronic products.

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