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The cleaning method of SMT steel mesh

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The cleaning method of SMT steel mesh

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SMT splice clamp

  SMT splice clamp steel mesh cleaning methods are generally wiping and ultrasonic cleaning:

  1, SMT steel mesh wipe cleaning: soaked with a pre-soaked lint (or special SMT laser steel mesh wipe paper) to wipe the steel mesh to remove the cured solder paste or glue. Features are convenient, free from time constraints, low cost; shortcomings can not completely Qing Hao steel mesh, especially the dense spacing of steel mesh. In addition, some presses with automatic wipe function, can be set to print a few times after the automatic wipe the bottom of the steel net. This process is also a special steel mesh to clean the paper, and the action before the machine will first spray detergent on paper. The following are the same as the "

  2, SMT steel mesh ultrasonic cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning are mainly immersion and spray type two, there are some manufacturers with a semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning steel mesh; cleaning agent choice: the ideal steel mesh manufacturers cleaning agent Must be practical, effective, and safe for both people and the environment, and it must also be able to remove the solder paste (glue) on the steel net. There is now a special steel mesh cleaning agent, but it may be steel mesh elution, use should be careful. If no special requirements, can be used alcohol or deionized water instead of steel net special cleaning agent.

Manual cleaning SMT splicing clamp laser steel mesh cleaning steps

  1. Put the purge in the vat out of 200ML into a small watering can. We can also find a similar can be sprayed vials are OK.

  2. Place the solder paste steel mesh on the steel frame. The nozzle of the water spray is transferred to the spray state.

  3. Check the steel mesh surface, aim at the residual solder paste, spray moist.

  4. After the wet laser steel mesh, use the wipe paper or, clean cloth clean, open the compressed air to open the steel mesh hole can be blown clean.

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