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How SMT factory to improve SMT production efficiency

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How SMT factory to improve SMT production efficiency

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  For the high standard surface cleaning, is the electronics industry circuit board SMT printing dedicated cleaning paper, can effectively remove the stickers attached to the printing press, the circuit board excess solder paste, red plastic, etc., to keep the electronic circuit board spotless, so Greatly reduce the rejection rate, greatly improve the production efficiency and product quality.

SMT splice tape

 Can be used for MPM, DEK, KME, YAMAHA, MINAMI, JUKI, EKRA, PANASERT, FUJI, SANYO and all other automatic printing models.

  SMT production line optimization

  Production line balance and production line efficiency

  SMT production line optimization there are two

 1. A single batch of large production environment, the focus is to make the printing plate to achieve the maximum production

 2. Many varieties of small quantities, the focus is to reduce the replacement of different varieties of printing plate time.

  The principle of program optimization

  X / Y structure of the equipment

  1. Try to make multiple placement heads at the same time.

  2. Pick the high frequency of the feeding rack should be placed near the location of the printing plate.

  3. In each pick-up cycle, make all the loading head full load.

  4. During a pickup cycle, pick up the components from the front or back. Rather than both sides are taken, so you can reduce the pick up when the moving distance.

  5. In order to reduce the movement path at the time of picking up, pick up the element in the direction of the pickup cycle only in the direction of the X coordinate increase or decrease.

  6. In a cycle, in accordance with the X and Y coordinates increase or decrease the order of placement, reducing the placement of the head process.

  7. Place the same material at the same pick-up cycle.

  8. Replace the new material is also expected to use the material when the material with the material, the use of SMT non-stop renewing new ultra-thin belt, than the use of traditional materials with the pass rate can reach 100% No auxiliary work is required

With no need to replace the rack, thereby reducing the machine frequently stop, open, to avoid flying up frequently and other actions, the machine Feida and other mechanical wear, can extend its service life.

  9. Management of strict and requires the speed of the production of SMT processing plants, the use of SMT non-stop continued to pick up the tape, is a best choice! Can achieve non-stop refueling, improve production efficiency of about 15%, and quality and cheap, comprehensive investment return greater than 500%.

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