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The role and advantages of SMT tapes

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The role and advantages of SMT tapes

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SMT splice tape

SMT material with product description

  1. The above specifications are yellow. Blue. Black. Three colors. Black is not anti-static and anti-static two.

  2. Product structure: composed of two tape in the product at both edges of the pressure hole positioning

  3. A set of tools that do not require the use of auxiliary tools to improve process efficiency and are the most economical.

SMT material with advantages: 1 no auxiliary tools; 2. complete use of the remaining materials and materials; 3. easy to operate, save labor; 4. reliability. High precision; 5. improve process efficiency;

SMT strip with the role

 1, is to avoid some of the switch cover may cause human accidents.

 2, is to reduce the machine Feida and other mechanical losses; reduce the machine frequently stop, open, to avoid flying up frequently and other movements, can extend its service life.

 3, is a great way to avoid waste of material: to avoid the material is too short and can not be used on the machine and discard, can all use the remaining material.

 4, is a great increase in production efficiency, if the shutdown material, each time spent about 2 minutes, it is still fast, a machine running a minute count 8 yuan, which wastes 2 * 8 = 16 Yuan; if the belt with the need to save this time, spent two pieces with only 0.4 yuan.

 (M-ESD), bright black - anti-static (G-ESD), transparent green - anti-static (L-), anti-static (M-ESD) ESD).

SMT tapes with product line

 1, special access belt (multi-series)

 2, all-round material belt (multi-series), so that the material becomes more reasonable, fast; three side-type belt (Panasonic dedicated) to change the Panasonic machine can not renew the history of the electronics manufacturing enterprises to create more interest.

 3, automatic pick-up with automatic feeder for the material, a manual material for a 30-60 seconds, automatic material only 6 seconds, greatly improving the production efficiency.

 4, double-sided belt (multi-series) (single, bilateral hole positioning), the use of both sides of the material and the ribbon with the row of holes corresponding to the yellow material with the tape on the film corresponding to complete, to paste, Moderate

 5, single-sided material belt (multi-type): the general with the feeder clamp, access to copper buckle use, skilled operation of the staff can not use the clamp and directly with the four sides of the tape with adhesive tape, this price relative Cheap.

SMT double-sided film for 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm

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