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The operation of SMT placement machine

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The operation of SMT placement machine

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   SMT placement machine is currently engaged in the electronics industry assembly technology in the most popular surface-mount machine, learning SMT placement machine operation of the technical staff know, SMT placement machine operation and operation technology is actually very easy to learn. Today, let us talk about the operation of SMT placement machine operation.

   First, the loading and unloading components of the primary operation, PCB transmission technology is the use of transmission agencies to complete, to be accurate placement of components after the patch, the PCB transmission system must also be affixed with components of the PCB output. So the first step is very important, because if the first step did not accurately import components into the specified location, then the back of the operation can not be completed.

Second, the correct picking of components, related to the entire process factors include picking tools and methods, components, packaging, and components of the relevant characteristics. In picking up the components of this step, we have to understand the focus of the process is to affect the factors, and we only need to understand the pickup components are divided into manual pick and machine pick.

   Third, the PCB to complete the precise proofreading, component placement coordinates of the PCB is a vertex (usually the lower left corner and the upper right corner) as the source point calculation, PCB processing, how many errors will occur, so the high-precision placement The PCB board must be positioned. Alignment mode: Marking point and LED placement machine Optical alignment system together.

Fourth, the placement machine detection adjustment, need to pay attention to two aspects: 1. Component center and the placement of the center of the head is consistent; 2. Components meet the placement requirements, if the components do not meet the requirements can not be installed. These two questions must be determined by detection.

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